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Here at Butyl Technology, we take great pride in our custom and practice of developing new products in close liaison with any potential customer. This allows for our development staff to take account of a customers specific requirements, and either create a new formulation, or modify an existing one, resulting in a product which meets or exceeds customer expectations. Small quantity trial mixes can be produced and extruded into samples for customer evaluation, and only when full customer approval has been obtained will the new product be offered for full production runs.

Nor are existing products ignored. Butyl Technology has a policy of constant development, and as raw materials change in character and availability, so Butyl Technology works to take account of these changes. The result of this on-going process is to give customers more cost-effective solutions and continuity of supply of quality butyl tapes.

Alternative backings present an on-going challenge. No longer is it enough to offer standard release paper. There are requirements for extrusion onto film, pre-printed papers, permanent liners and substrates such as plastics, textiles and foils. Materials can also be introduced into tapes as cords.

There may also be a need for various profiles to be extruded. Sometimes a ā€œUā€ section; maybe a ā€œPā€ section. Maybe something else.

These are all demands that are regularly met by R&D at Butyl Technology, the Butyl Tape Specialists.

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